I Look Unique And So Do You!

I have always be given compliments about my colour of hair and eyes. 

But I love my eyes and so my hair. 

Never be sad, how you are, because you were created by your parents, who became you. 

A special and unique person, and remember there is only one of you and will always be. 

Think how special and different you are in the eyes of the beholder? 

I simply wanted to let the world, that I look as beautiful as anyone else, and I don´t care, if I´m not model. 

Take care and pay it forward
FaroesePearl FaroesePearl
31-35, F
1 Response Nov 11, 2011

my eyes are still brown, but my brown hair is now... well, uh, gray.

That makes you even more special and unique :) Thanks for the comment.