Act Of Kindness

"I adopted you both a 2 months old,
To me you both shone like gold."

You told us that, didn't you?
For a moment we even believed you.
Until we got home, and you made us both scream,
You kicked us, hit us and whipped us like cream.

We both trusted you, but now you betray!
As bruised and bleeding we both lay.
You didn't care when she died,
Those things you told us were all lies!

I'm older now and I still hate you,
You still hit and kick, leaving bruises when you do.
I'll fight back one day, and then you'll see,
What your abuse did to me!

My face is a rainbow as the bruises spread,
My stomach is sore as your bruise turns red.
I'm a broken toy to you, I'm just a mess,
But still you say, it's your act of kindness.

I am a victim of child abuse and have been since I was a child, my bruises cover almost every inch on my skin from my face to my feet. I wear make up and long clothes most of the time. But to him it's just a game. When a new bruise appears he gains a point, only when I'm dead will he have won the game. Unless I win first.
ImOkayNow ImOkayNow 16-17, F Aug 10, 2011

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