The Best Way..

I built my emotional wall out of necessity. I used to be an extremely emotionally intense person. 
I would feel everything as a personal insult, even if it was not intended as one.

So anyway, there wasn't really a problem with my sensitivity, in fact nowadays I miss it.
But then people in my family started dying rather rapidly, in fact, my Grandfather and Uncle died on the same day, they weren't involved in an accident together or anything, just both had heart attacks on the same day. So, in the short space of two years, six of my family members died. And everyone was in shock, so obviously I had started to develop an emotional wall then, because otherwise, I would probably have had a meltdown.

Then my father decided to leave my mom. He also told me and my sister that he didn't love us anymore.

Needless to say, I am pretty much emotionless.
Lymrith Lymrith
18-21, M
Oct 19, 2010