These Walls

These walls stay up to protect and keep the pain away
These walls I built from tears and hurt will keep you all out
These walls know secrets I will NEVER tell and in my nightmares stay
These walls enclose me and are my prison cell
These walls echo all you said and made me believe
These walls keep me from reaching out so No one will need to leave
These walls will listen to me cry and rage against my fate
These walls will ket me be listless and not hate.
These walls will take this love and pain and add it to rest.
These walls are all I have now so let the smiles be erased
These walls laugh at me for being a fool and tells me it was all in vain
These walls add another brick which bears your name
These walls are armored now with my blood stain.
In these walls I'll live now as I should have done
For in these walls I am the no one I've become.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

Amazingly written, completely details the structure of each wall you built and for what purpose. You're strong but if you're too strong behind your walls you'll only make them into something you won't be able to tear down when the time comes.

Just remember - as safe as the walls may seem, they also keep you locked inside. One day, you will feel like tearing these down and taking a chance. :) Good luck!