Here I Am Again

so ever since i can remember i've struggled with my weight. me and ana became BEST friends, and eventually i met mia. we were tight.

my last "episode" was last summer. i did so good staying away from it. but i got way fat, weighing the most i've ever weighed. i miss being a size three, size five even. now i'm a size nine, maybe a little bigger. it doesn't seem like a big deal, but to me it is. i hate being fat. my thighs are huge, my stomach is disgusting looking. i just want to be thin. to be beautiful is all i ask.

i guess the whole point is, after almost a year i'm back. knocking on ana's front door, asking her to take me back. this summer i NEED to be thin. i need to look good since i'm going to be living at lake of the ozarks. every girl down there looks good in a swim suit. me, i look like a fat, disgusting pig. i'm disappointed in myself. i let myself go.

fuuuck. starting my fast today. hello, ana, please take me back.

-Shayna Moritz

ArmyGirlfriend01012010 ArmyGirlfriend01012010
18-21, F
Mar 10, 2010