A Life Changing Book

It's called Women, Food and God, by Geneen Roth.

I recommend it to anyone having eating disorders, especially problems dealing with bulimia / compulsive eating / binging,

It basically answers the question "why do we feel the need to over eat" and gave me a simple but powerful tool to apply when I feel like compulsing, what she calls "inquiry".
Geneen Roth points you the path of self-love and self-acceptance, the only method for a complete recovery, according to me.

Short, easy to read, full of insights and humor, this book helped me A LOT and I encourage you to read it.

Just read it, you have nothing to lose. Only wisdom to gain :)

Love to all of you striving with eating disorders.
nothingtodeclare nothingtodeclare
Feb 20, 2012