I ♥ Bulimia

 im so not ready  to recover!

it is the best in the world....

talk for tips...

love, elda

miagirl miagirl
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I wanna know the tips ,, I have ana but Im pretty scared to vomit out what i have eaten,,

yes, i know that. . <br />
the "?" was supposed to be a "♥"<br />
im sorry :(<br />
<br />
thanks for the tip !

it prevents rupture of the throat, for food will come up easier. and if you're going to continue draining your body of nutrients, you're gonna need water to have some form of energy.<br />
And water dampens appetite :/

ummmm, thanks ?

drink lots of water..<br />
there's a healthy tip.

You're free to do what you want, but if you plan on sharing "tips," please consider doing that in pms. By exchanging that kind of "information" you could be seriously harming other bulimics who DO want to get better.

I can understand how you love it. But I disagree on it being the best thing in the world! I hope you find help soon! you can email me if you want to. bst wishes!