Health Consequences of Bulimia

I was bulimic and anorexic for twenty years.  I have stopped purging, but only because of the irreversible damage I have already down to my body.  Three years after becoming bulimic, I lost my teeth.  They simply rotted away from being bathed in hydrochloric acid so much.  I was 23 when I got my first set of dentures.  My colon is damaged from continuous laxative abuse and will never function properly.  I was at risk for a ruptured esophagus, which is when I was hospitalized weighing 87 lbs. 

Recovery is not easy.  But it sure beats option 2 - death.

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I haven't weighed 87 lbs in a long time. I'm 120lbs and stand 5'3. When I was 87lbs I was forced into the hospital and threatened with having a feeding tube put into my stomach. I also had to be followed by a nurse wherever I went - including the bathroom and shower. It was horrible. This is where you're heading if you keep starving yourself, hon. At 5'10 and 140lbs, you are actually UNDER weight. I wish I could make you see yourself as the beautiful person you are, instead of the monster you think you see in the mirror. Talk to someone you trust, maybe a friend or a guidance counselor. Your settings prevent me from sending you messages, but please feel free to get in touch with me if you ever need to talk to someone who has gone through what you are. Take care of yourself, hon.

i understand your preocupation..<br />
but im not 87lbs. . !<br />
im a 5 10, 140lbs fatass!

atleast now your moving forward... best of luck on your road back to full recovery .