My Bulimia Story.

well for starters im fifteen. i had my episodes of anorexia until my parents and friends made me eat. every chance i get i try not to eat but i end of doing it all the time so thats when i became bulimic. around a month and a half ago almost 2 months. the most ive thrown up is 8 or 9 times in one day. i usually throw up around 3-4 a day though. but on the weekends i throw up around 4-8. depends on how much i eat or what i eat. i despise my body. i weigh 170 and im a size 13. i consider myself obese even though i know im not. i was always a chunky child and i envy thin girls. i love collarbones and i want to clearly see mine. my friends want me to stop this cycle but i kinda dont want too. theres a part of me who does because im hurting others and myself but a part of me keeps wanting to see changes in my body. so im fighting with my mind. everything i drink or eat i end up throwing up because i feel guilt.

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

I was never bulimic but I was once told I was anorexic by my doctor. I'm certainly not now.<br />
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I can understand the desire and need to feel like you can control something as important as your weight and how you think that makes you look. <br />
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But I would hate to think that that is your goal in life. There is so much more to life than that.

i am so impressed of how i can clearly relate to your story.. .im 16 years old, and started<br />
with bulimia at age 13 when i was on the 7th grade and weighted 192lbs. and was a size 16.<br />
i started out being healthy and excercising and stuff, but once i accidentaly purged while washing my teeth after overeating, and i knew these was made for me. since then ive been losing and losing. sometimes i tend to gain weight, but its ok because you know whenever you want you can lose it. thats the great thing about bulimia, you can control it. thats the greatest thing i find on it, i love it. i love the feeling, the attention, the precisition in it. now im 130lbs and a size 7/8. its awesome. my lowest weight has been 130lbs, but i am 5' 10 so i guess its ok.. but not enough, it never is. my goal is to be 110 lbs at the moment, and a size 2. i wont stop till i get to it ..<br />
if you need a friend , or just someone to talk to, you can count on me.<br />
stay strong. .