Dont Know??

i am 17 years old & i've been obesssed with what i shouldnt be eating and with the fact its going to make me gain weight its so hard for me nobody understands what i am going threw. everytime i eat something that i know will make me fat i throw it upppp... its been about a year when i first started throwing upp my food....i went months without throwing uppp.....3 months ago i started again but its worse then it was last year every little thing i eat i end upp throwing it upp sometimes i cry cause i dont want it to be this wayy. nobody knows what i do its hard cause sometimes my mom tell me i need to not let myself get fat everybody tells me things it makes me want to throww upp lately i have noticed that my stomach hurts and burns at the same time im just so confussed,,,,dont know what to do
macy123456 macy123456
Jul 10, 2010