i was never really happy with myself everybodyy tells me im fine and i worry to much......im almost 18 years old and i've been throwing upp for a year about now when i first started it was only 2 times a week and then i stoped after almost 5 months and it all started again like 3 months ago again but now its a every day thing i think im at my worst everytime i eat i just think about going to throw it upp after i feel guilty about every time i eat something i know i shouldnt be eating at first it was like once a day now i go upp to 3 times a day and its after every meal and i push my self to go work it out i do know its bad for me but i just cant stopp i truely dont want it to be this way i have nobody to turn to cause they would all say im dumb or wont understand what im going threw and how i feel i just need say what i have in mind thanks for listening
justlovely1 justlovely1
18-21, F
Jul 10, 2010