ohhhh wow a other day........i told my self i wouldnt let it take over me but know i feel hopeless i purge like 3 times a day after everymeal i told myself that i didnt want to get like this first it was just like twice a week now its a everyday thinggg i feel like crying for he passt days i just tell myself i wont eat so i dont throw it upp....but i end up dong it anyways i feel embrassed..... i want to tell my mom but i just cant i know she wont understand but i need her to but i know she wont she will look at me in a differnt point of view & to know that her daughter is helpless and stupid i know im doing the wrong thing cause i really want to get help but im just scared i just dont know what to do & i feel soo ashamed to know what im doing.......i cant stop now!!!
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Again .. here on experience project I see another young lady in peril. Before you dismiss this post as <br />
mere chatter, stop... close your eyes...relax... control your breathing and listen to your heart beat....<br />
somehow remove all the backgroung noise and listen to your beating heart... remember to relax... ( very important ) there is a rhythm can you feel it? We as human beings, are capable, strong spirituality and connected to everything... but sadly, society is a facade that is more concerned with<br />
appearances on every level than becoming the best possible person you can be.Everything has a purpose and everyone has a place, when you fail to nurture your existance you imbalance time and space.If you need help to reconnect ,seek out the answeres to your questions.. trust in those who wish to help and guide you back to wellness and harmony ,so you may reconnect with everything.<br />
I hope this was of some help, if you need more advice look for me in people, captnsuprise...

I dont know what is going through your mind but from what I can see here,you're in big trouble...First thing u gotta do is to change yourself...U need to fight against your other side....Go ahead and tell your mom everything u did these days...Remember your parents are always there to help you...NO MATTER WHAT just know that they will help you in any situations so stop being like that and make positive changes in your life....I hope i helped u somehow...