What Really Helped Me

hey all of u ,
i am bulimic in recovery , i know what u mean by u can't stop , can't live with out bulimia
bulimia is every thing ur thinking about , feel FAT when eating very little thing
can't hold meal,.....
those things used to be my life , thought i would be like this forever !
couldn't image day without throwing up ,
but u know what , now it is past !!!!
u know what really helped CHARITY !!!!
i never thought that it would help me that much
it started in my first days of recovery i felt so lonely depressed , i just wanted something to distract me from thinking about bulimia
so i participated in charity activity and do u know what i felt , i felt important that someone really needs me , i mean something to someone i am valuable ,
and my vomiting times went down , yes with ups and downs but overall improving
and now after almost year of beginning recovery i can tell u that being patient is the key , u have to be patient for the strong urge of throwing up , sleepless nights , depressing days , feeling of being lonely ,....
we all bulimics very sensitives,loving , caring people we just don't know what to do with those feelings we usually misplace them
we try to get rid of them by throwing up
no sweet hearts u shouldn't because there are people who really need those feelings , need ur love , ur care ur sympathy
it has been long time since i shared my story
i hope i helped u

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Jul 25, 2010