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well im disgusted in myself start again 2moro then i cant even last one day wats amatter with me y do i have to go on these ridiculous binges its just food y do i hvae to be so greedy.i dont feel like im ever going to over come this and i dont know how anybody else feels but does anyone else find it easy to spend a fortune on food to know ur just guna throw it up agen im scared nothing will mek me want to stop or i wont beable to stop coz i know its up to me and tht il end up dyin from it all to be thin.i want my past life bk with my first love.
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Me to. Ive been binging lately but cant seem to bring the food up!! That is really depressing cause I know its in my body and I desparetly want to purge, my stomach gets bloated and full and pokes out but for some reason its not working anymore!! Has anyone had this problem???? I just get soo bloody hungry and need to satisty my hunger needs but cant anymore cause I dont want to keep the food inside of me :(

i'm with you guys, too.

its like wer takin r first steps 2getha i wish id lukd sooner its helps knowin ppl r thinkin the same as us i wish i cud be stronga i feel embarrased finkin ow much money ive spent in last week n wat tht cud av gone on.we can help each otha if u likex

This is the first time Ive searched for a web chat on bulimia but I dont know what to do anymore. Im the exact same, i spend a fortune on food and have ridiculous binges. It costs me so much and I feel so depressed at the moment. I have managed to fight it before but that only lasts about a month then Im back to binging. I dont know what to do anymore to be honest and I feel so disgusting. This site is starting to help though and it's nice to not feel so alone with this problem x

i appreciate tht i really do i know what you mean because as soon as something bad happens i just turn to tht n its hardly guna mek me feel beta in long rong i ordered a self help book at beginning of week to see if tht can help me at all.

Its nice to hear that you know it starts with you. You need to learn how to deal with your emotions, insead of hiding them with your disease. The first part is recognizing that you have a problem. I am very proud of you fro knowing that this is wrong. You now need to figure out how to feel comfortable in your own skin. You can come to me if you want, or someone else, but you need help.