Its Now Or Never

this week has been horrendous n ive only got myself to blame spent a fortune med myself sik countless times n i lukin bk im so ashamed i feel so awful n my teeth n throat r really hurtin i feel so guilty need to get a grip n stop lettin it av this hold ova me 8 years is long enuf i need sum willpower n determination this isnt the be all and end all 22 is still yung ive messed up n lost out on last years of my teens but can change the future be positive hope evri1 else is ok xx
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22-25, F
1 Response Aug 1, 2010

i think you can do it. I'm 22 and dealing with the same thing. Why not try rehab hun? I want to soooo bad but I work two jobs and live alone. It's only me to depend on. I'm sure your family/friends would love to be there for you. Ask...