im new here! im ussally a happy person. im friends with everybody and they all think thay know me but no one does. ive been bulic for a year now. i hate it but i honestly cant stop. only 3 people know and they say thats its okay if i am
  but they dont like me doing it. my family doesnt know.... but idk. resently ive been haveing head acks.i am on the school wrestling team so i have to stay a certain weight at all times.i been feeling dizzy at practice and after practice i pass out. i dont want to die. but i cant stop.

at frist i thought it was nothing i only thro up when i ate alot but now i thro up everything. ive lost 35lbs in 2 months. dont know if thats bad. some kids i know keep saying  im getting to thin but i still think im fat

i take vitemens so i dont die but idk...i just really needed to tell someone.
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I'm glad for you that you can tell someone that you have a problem, it's never easy to be able to say how it feels.<br />
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The idea that you're finding it hard not to purge, and you feel the impulsiveness that you have to do it is never a good sign, as mentioned before, 35lbs in 2 months is never good and it sounds like poor sugar levels. <br />
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I would suggest seeing a doctor if you feel you can do that and find about what help is available. Most help services are confidential to attend and will try and find the best therapy to help you through it including help on self image. It would also be a good idea to have some bloods done too as purging frequently can cause a lack of potassium which can make you very very ill.

thirty five pounds in two months is too much weight loss. The most you should lose is 5-7lb in a month. Anymore is just unhealthy. This is especially true if you weighed 200lb or less to start with.<br />
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The fact that you feel compelled to purge (throw up) is a very bad sign. The fact that you're passing out after practice is also a very bad sign - it could mean your blood sugar is too low, and could cause you to be diabetic later in life.<br />
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Here's what I suggest: your three friends are wrong. It is not ok for you to be bulimic. In fact, it can lead to life threatening illness, particularly if your electrolytes get imbalanced and you end up having a heart attack. You need to get medical attention right away. You could start by going to the school nurse, or you could see your pediatrician. Tell them honestly what you've been experiencing, and share all the details, <br />
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I wish you the best of luck with this issue. I know it's not any easy thing to work through.

yea that is alot to lose at once just hang in there im shure youll find a way out just believe you can