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Just Now.

I'm 16, and very overweight.
I made myself throw up today.
It, weirdly enough, felt good.
I loved it.
Truthfully, I felt like I had control for the FIRST time.
suicideangel12 suicideangel12 16-17, F 2 Responses Dec 5, 2011

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Well, brushing your teeth is the worst thing you can do after throwing up. The stomach acids are on the enamel of the teeth already and brushing those acids on your teeth does not make the situation better. Too bad you started this suicideangel, and too bad that JAYoGwAy is making it look like it's the answer to losing weight.<br />
Soon the feeling like you are in control changes to losing control and the addiction to binging and purging takes over, and you are hooked. You are loving it right now, but keep this up for months, years, and you will hate it. I've been bulimic for many, many years and the only way I lost the weight that I wanted to was by quitting bulimia and going on a daily meal plan. I am FINALLY now at the perfect weight, The weight that I was in highschool. <br />
Yes, good luck. I enjoyed it too a long time ago. Then it changes to a monster.

I got addicted to that feeling. <br />
I loved it like you... but if you are to keep up with this i suggest you keep brushing teeth.. and eat something sometimes like cereal every so often.. nothing heavy. <br />
I myself was 14 and 180 pounds at roughly 4 ll. im not 6'2 and weigh 160 lbs by bulimia .<br />
have good luck and a warm heart