I Wanna Be Bulimic, Help Me!

Why is everybody else sooooo thin??!! I cant handle it any longer, I have always been the biggest one, no matter who I´m with...
So could you give me some advice on how to throw up and that stuff...I know it sounds silly, but I am actually really serious!
Pleaseee help me! I really need helP!
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im the biggest one too -.- ive thought about becoming bulimic too... i just dont know. i know it causes lots of problems but idc..

Hey I understand that you may not feel happy because you want to be thin, but let me tell you that probably the main reason why you want to be thin is because you don't want to think about food so much and you don't want food to rule your life, but let me tell you that when you become bulimic all you think about is FOOD. There is no other way around it. Your live revolves around food and frustration when your bulimic. I am recovering right now and I feel so good, that I am not constantly thinking about out so I won't BP. The healthy way to lose weight is actually not that hard. Maybe for you because maybe you are used to your old eating habits, etc. But you can always turn that around and be a better you. Don't do a diet because they never work. I repeat they neverrrrr work. Look at how I ended up weighting 114 out of 150, this is my second time having bulimia it's not easy. The side effects are not worth it. Falling hair, cavities, passing out. Do you really want to live a life like that? Think about it. Sometimes we just don't listen to others and we have to learn things from our own experiences, but one day if you become bulimic as great as it feels to be thin you are going to regret ever falling into that addiction of binging and purging. If you really want to lose weight then change your eating habit. Maybe your eating too many foods high in fat or greasy foods. Start looking into it go to Google.com and look up healthy eating plans. They usually consist of 3 meal and maybe 3 or two snacks. Don't go hungry, just eat healthy when you feel hungry. Read things that may inspire you, but do it the right way. Or find someone who can help you like a trainer, if your short on money than find a friend or someone who can support you with your struggle. It may not be the best advice, at the end you will do whatever it is you desire to do, but i hope you do the right thing. Take care.

i understand how difficult it is to be bigger and jealous of everyone else, but being healthy is better than being thin. i was big at 14 and started throwing up,i lost the weight temporarily but i couldnt eat normally anymore without gaining alot of weight. i started to use laxatives to hide the weight gain but they've become addictive and now i spend over £20 a month on them regardless of the fact that they dont help you lose weight. i can only eat a small amount of vegetables every day and i'm losing my hair from the malnutrition. i've seen several psychotherapists but i cant get over my eating disorder. i'm only 21 and its killing my parents to watch me damaging my body so much at such a young age. its ruined every relationship ive ever had and i feel ashamed of myself. i know its your decision at the end of the day, but if i could go back in time and change anything i would go on a healthy diet instead of becoming bulimic,so please dont make the same mistake i did.

Dear OP, I am an athlete, former model, I have an awesome body, and I am bulimic. I tell you, bulimia has not given me anything positive; only the work of learning to eat healthy and exercise has done so. Binging and purging is an extraneous, exhausting, and costly process. Perhaps, you believe it is a shortcut because you have not been educated on the process. If you want to have a healthy body, even if you just want to look great, then bulimia is the worst road you could take. You already have the experiences of several primary sources to dissuade you from your goal. So, before I add my own firsthand discoveries as advice, I simply want to say that you should give up the idea of being 'taught' to be bulimic, and instead visit http://www.caloriesperhour.com, click on Tutorial, and start reading. Want to know why specifically? Continue reading.<br />
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I would rate the process of binging and purging as having a potential for severe addiction. The process easily becomes quite impulsive. What do I mean by impulsivity and addiction? You are beginning a ba<x>se, rewarding activity (eating is pleasurable for your brain) with the express purpose of evading another undesirable activity. The act of wanton eating without consequence will destroy your reward mechanisms, and create a vice out of a process which is essential to live. Eating is enjoyable. If you never get fat because you purge, what incentive have you to avoid food you don't need (excess quantity and poor quality)? So, you risk making eating an impulsive, addictive process. Suppose you want to stop binging and purging? You don't need cocaine, but you do have to eat. Since you haven't learned to eat as part of a healthy process, to rely on proper feedback from your body, and to deal with the consequences of eating poorly by making better decisions, then being bulimic will affect your simple efforts to eat well. Eating junk food aside, suppose you really enjoy a healthy meal that makes you a bit full. Maybe then you think about purging, and you feel badly. So it isn't unlikely that you reason something like, "I might as well binge completely first." Ad infinitum. Its hard to forget about the vice you created out of something necessary to keep you alive and which is therefore unavoidable. Eventually you may plan on binging and purging. You can, as the ex<x>pression goes, have your cake and eat it, too...then regurgitate it. So, why not?<br />
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When you have a habit which is highly impulsive and addictive, then it takes the place of all the things you no longer want to deal with in your life: all of your fears, anxieties, positive things you want but are afraid to work for, etc.--they lead to your alternative impulse. You may use them even to express moments when you are happy, at which point things are probably bad.<br />
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Addicts expend their resources, i.e. time and money, on their addictions.<br />
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Purging can lead to damage to your skin in places it makes contact, likely your hands and around your mouth, and possibly your teeth. After all, your gastric fluid, that means the fluid of digestive enzymes which fills your stomach to digest food as you eat, is composed of hydrochloric acid and other damaging chlorides.<br />
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Yes, occasionally I have lost weight while purging, but mostly it has distracted me from a healthy lifestyle and countered the results of hard work by making me fatter when I purged in lieu of exercising or didn't purge completely before the fat I consumed metabolized.<br />
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It's unfortunate that you haven't learned to think of exercise and eating in a better way. Perhaps that's not your fault. Maybe its because you live in a world where the prize (a beautiful body and the attention it gets you) is thrust in your face without any explanation for why or how it might be obtained...why people look the way they do. Some people are thin because of things that are a part of their natural lifestyle, including being taught to eat a certain way and having a certain activity level. If you weren't taught healthy habits by your parents, you need to start educating yourself now. Learn to eat to properly and exercise to get the body you want. Eat to nourish your body. Learn discipline in eating rather than making up for your lack of self-control with the damaging and unsustainable process of purging.

It's not worth it and once you start, you can't stop. I've been struggling with bulimia for 2 years now and I have never been so upset or ashamed about anything in my life. It will ruin you, so lose weight the healthy way. I'm sure I sound like a hypocrite, but take it from someone who struggles with it on a daily basis. It's so not worth it, it will ruin your life.

once you start you will find it close to impossible to stop.. in fact many end up suffering for the rest of their lives, even right into old age.. you can only understand just how hard it is once you've gone to far... its hindsight i suppose.. thats why we are all telling you not to do it.. we're not trying to keep the secret from you or anything stupid like that, we just know ourselves if we could go back, well ill speak for myself from now on but im sure the majority of other bulimcs will agree, if i could go back i would definately NOT go down that road again and get sucked back into the vice grip bulimia has over me now!

Coming from someone who has struggled with bulimia for 13 years, i would not recommend it. It's nothing to be proud of. Don't even start it cause it's even harder to stop..

96? for 1996? so you must be 15... Im fifteen as myself but going bulimic is a horrible way to go... im pretty heavy but i dont force myself to lose weight that way... I know youll hear our opinions about this but dont really understand why were are not helping you.. and the only reason why we arent is because it can totally ruin your life in so many differnt ways. Excersice... Diet... but dont starve or be Bulimic that wouldnt solve anything... But hurt your own health.

Please, cant you just help me...?

Well, thanks...but I am still going to try...