Is There A Safe Way To Be Bulimic ?

hi , my names hannah and im 16 . i weigh 105kgs . and at my lowest at low with my weight issue now. when i was 7yrs old my mum was diagnosed with cancer and i turned to food as a comfort thing seeing as my dad wasnt around . im not at all motivated to exersize no matter how hard i try and i cant stick to a diet :L i recently started thinking about bulimia and hope that would work :L but it is safe?
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Hayley is 100% right! It is sooo dangerous and WILL ruin your life and the lives of the ones you love. You will always be tired, your stomach will hurt, teeth and hair will become gross and maybe even fall out, osteoperosis, scars on your hands, swollen face... The list goes on. Not to mention a very realisti possibility of death. Please be careful and try a gym membership!

sorry i didnt want to sound mean or harsh :)

Definitely not. Aside from all the health issues (of which there are many!) there's also the psychological side of it. Once you start, it is very hard to stop and it is definitely not something that you want to be stuck with.<br />
If you're not motivated to exercise, does that mean gym/jogging/etc? Because I was the same so I started to go for walks every day. If you bring your iPod or whatever with you it's actually a really good chance to think and clear your mind, and you're exercising as well! Just a 30 minute walk around your area is a really good idea and then maybe you'll start to build on it?<br />
I hope things go well for you though xxx

thank you for your suggestions and wishing me well , i will try the walking idea , xx

haha... no.. not at all!<br />
did you know that the sudden loss of electrolytes caused by vomitting can give you a heart attack... leaving you dead in a pile of your own vomit. sorry to be harsh i know thats disgusting but it is a possibility if you decide to go down this path... of course you could be fine for years... well if you consider fine being puffy paced, swollen glands, calluses over your hands, acid reflux, headaches, earaches, sore throat, rotting teeth and more! :

ok i understand - its a bad idea . thank you for your imput