Bulimia And Its Effect On Marriage

I can't control my urges to binge any more i've become a shell of a person and it is effecting my marriage to the point where my husband uses my weakness against me in fights. He gets so mad at me for binging he will call me fat, tells me that I will never get better and that his past girlfriends were at least healthy. I feel so upset that I turn towards food. Last night we got into a physical fight because I ate too many groceries and he thought I was just being selfish. He has no compassion for my disease, and thinks that I choose to "give in" to this hell. He doesn't think it is a disease at all just me being a pig. Since he is the one with the money, he is the one with the power. I have no health insurance and he won't pay for a doctor for me because he think I should learn to stop on my own. A few months back, I checked my self into rehab for this, but my husband fell off the face of the Earth ( wouldn't return my phone calls and went out parting every night) when I was in treatment, so I couldn't focus and checked out. What can I do to make him see what I am going through? What can I say to him to make him understand? Any advice will help.
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1 Response Mar 30, 2012

I'm sorry. Maybe it's best you guys aren't together. Do what FEELS right for you. Take some time to focus on yourself. You don't need him dragging you down. I know the feeling. My ex would make me feel awful about my binges. I feels bad enough as it is.