I Have Bulima

it kinda snuck up on me ,at first i started cutting back on food then went on to any product that would make me slim and self harmed on a weekly basis as i thought i was ugly n fat ,then in 2006 i flipped evrything that i had bottled up just seem to come out then my grandad passed away . my family till this day just ignore my illness they just tell people i have stomach problems , the only person i had to chat to was my partner . I finally got help when i was forced to see my dr in 2009 who just sent me to a hospital for tests they found i had gullstones and reflux disease which is a result of bulimia . it took me along time to get to a normal weight .But over the last few life once again has got to much and old habbits are sneeking back in , in a strange way its making me look at my problems and trying to deal with them . i need to get better as i can not stand the thought of my little girl having this in our lives any more
lambylou lambylou
26-30, F
Apr 23, 2012