Want To Get Better :(

Hi Guys,
I really want to get better. I've been bulimic for about a year now. From the ages of 13 to 16 (now 18) I was hospitilized for anorexia. I was fine(ish) up until about a year ago and I feel that everything I eat I need puke out. It's horrible and I feel my eyes getting puffy, teeth going yellow and I really want to stop but its so hard :( Ordered dominoes with my friend a couple of hours ago and tried to get it all out but only managed some :( the most horrible feeling....

I thought up until last year ED's were something of my past but I feel each day it's getting worse and worse. I'm at university now and have exams coming up and just cant concentrate because all I think about is food. Please help :(

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1 Response May 7, 2012

Hey, do you see ayne to help you with this? If not, does your uni have a counselling service at all? You're 18 so everything will be confidential, and uni counsellors tend to be experienced with EDs as they see a lot of people who have them.<br />
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It's so hard trying to study while this is constantly on your mind, so maybe it'd be a good idea to let some of your teachers know you're having a bit of trouble staying on top of everything because of a medical problem that you'd rather not discuss. That's completely up to you but might get them to realise that you are trying, you've just got other stuff going on that's making it hard.<br />
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Take care xx