Love It...

It's one of those things that become part of you, who you are. one of the little quirky things you do. I almost want to add it to my list of hobbies "eating then puking it out"

Since a young age I could deliberately bring my food up by controlling the muscles, I can even make my ears move :) I don't think bulimia has negatively affected my teeth, throat or stomach, I never give the food that much time to stay inside me.

However this disease has shown it's effects on other parts of my body, I was a class A bulimic, I was so good at it that my nail became dull, it had white horizontal stripes, my toenails came loose. Then I had peri-oral dermatitis from lack of iron, my hair was weak it used to break at the touch and suddenly I had a wart on my arm and my index finger (it grossed me out so much)...You're probably saying I should've taken vitamins, well I did every evening before I would go to bed and my body had enough time to absorb everything. I went to the doctor and got one of the largest prescriptions I now have to drink 9 different pills every morning and huge omega-3 pills, they are for my eyes, my lack of nutrients caused my eyes to dry out and now I have to constantly put in drops to lubricate them.

If you think this would've stopped me, you thought wrong...I tried to but I feel emty without it
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1 Response May 13, 2012

I kind of just started and i kind of like it myself. I have been researching and i keep reading you still absorb 50% of the calories which sucks...but it's better than none. I only do it after dinner because that is the meal that is hardest for me to keep healthy. I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks but i weighed myself 3 days later and i swear that 9 pounds came back and it really confused me. Have you ever experienced a high weight gain and can't understand why. I hope is like a false reading or something.