Hard Evening

Been doing pretty well for the last week (with one exception yesterday afternoon).. Writing right now to keep from doing what I don't really want to do.......but really do want to do. Does that make sense? It is such a fight tonight.
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Stay strong in your fight. If writing up you overcome. Then keep writing an don't stop.

I have actually being been doing well with the bulimic actions for a few months. You are right though. It would probably be a good thing to talk to someone. Part of our divorce process are therapists...I will bring this part of my life up to him. I fought it from 12 to 27, then was okay until 39. I know I can do it. Thanks for your thoughts. I truly appreciate it.

I'd be surprised if going through this divorce wouldn't be factor if it's come back again. I agree with onelife4u, keep writing, explore your feeling & your thoughts so you can better understand yourself. Definitely discuss it with the therapist. Your writings may help there.

Thanks so much for your support. August and November were rough goes. But I'm doing ok now. Yes. The divorce is definitely a part if it all. But it's all about learning healthy coping mechanisms.....and I'm getting better at that. Looking forward to the day that no matter how much time passes I don't fall down again. It will come. Hugs

This February will be three years since the split. I just want the details and divorce done. It's been a long time. Too long.

I'd be surprised if that wasn't affecting emotionally. Very glad to know that you are learning healthy ways of coping.

Thanks for the hugs. They're a bit light on here.

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