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Can't Think Of A Tittle For This One (:

This entry might seem little weird as I interviewed myself while writing it and oh well I decided that I want to share MY THOUGHTS this way so here we go.

What can I say regarding this matter?  It’s relaxing; it gives an amazing feeling after you are done throwing up what you have eaten.  Then the feeling of being hungry afterwards is kinda sorta awesome. Plus, it's a nice way to release tension. 

Do I do it to get thinner?  No I don’t, or maybe.  I have never ever felt fat in my life.  Not until everyone around me and on TV started nagging about their weight.  So I got myself into this thing and then I noticed that whenever I stood in front of the mirror after throwing up, I would feel “proud”.

Am I blaming the society? Not at all, although I said previously that I got encouraged due to people’s nagging and blah blah, but let’s face it I’m 19 years old and I can totally tell the difference between what’s right and wrong.

So is it my fault? Oh well of course it is I mean duh but I mostly blame the free times/holidays  because if I have nothing to do all the demonic thoughts start invading my head and that makes doing stupid things very tempting.  Therefore, I’m trying to look for a summer job to keep myself busy.

Do I have something to add?  Yes I do, I’m not as severe as the cases I have read on this group.  Also, I think I can control it as I don’t throw up everything I eat. Finally, I’m not extremely thin at all despite me throwing up so don’t imagine a skeleton typing this.  
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<p>Sometimes we may be in trouble, if we are following the TV adds. <br />
Presence of acids (due to contiguous vomiting) in our mouth can lead to several problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and loss of tooth enamel. Eating large amounts of food in a short period of time after that trying to vomit and doing very hard exercise can make several health issues.</p>

I feel the same way. I only do it once a day and it gives me a release. It's something i have never been able to control all my life, and now i have one way to control it. I am not skinny (by any means) and i have only been doing it a month. Im just not sure if i want to stop. Not encouraging you because we aren't dumb, it's not good.

yeah I know what you are saying, it's just too cool :s

Again this in't sying tat this is wat you ae dealing with, what I read in your story tends to sway in that direction. The dangerous part ofinducing vomiting is your throat will eventually burn away, other isues arrise if not ddressed. Throat cancer,acid reflux disease.<br />
<br />
What scares me is your laxed thoghts about this, its very serius. if you will, look up on google and see photos, read there stories and see if they don't mirror what you just wrote.

Durring my studies in human behavior, eating disorders were the top of my list of studies becuse it hit close to home. The thing that I'm concerned about is that you exhibit the same symptoms for bolimia and anorexia.<br />
<br />
Causes of Anorexia<br />
While more research is needed before we understand the causes of anorexia and other eating disorders, we now know that several factors can contribute to its development . While there is no single root cause, people with anorexia generally are affected by one or more of the following contributing factors: <br />
<br />
•Genetic predisposition<br />
•Chemical imbalance<br />
•History of a traumatic event<br />
•Family disruption and/or dysfunction<br />
•Sensitivity to cultural messages about the "ideal body"<br />
Surprisingly, individuals with the disorder report that their anorexic behaviors started out simply as a way to improve themselves. Anorexia often starts with a diet, which may be meant to help the person regain self-esteem and control. Some people perceive anorexia as a way to cope with problems when they feel out of control.

Sorry for that

You know, I have read so many of these stories, and I truly don't understand. I vomit too. Not voluntarily. it is due to a digestive problem; but still, I puke, often. Very shortly after eating or even many hours after eating and the food has not begun to digest because of a missing digestive enzyme. I don't find it nice, or feel good, or proud. I simply feel weakened and there is a rotten taste in my mouth, and after years of it happening, my teeth are all rotting because the stomach acids have killed the enamel on them. I wish I could understand how it could feel good.

You can't because you are not doing it voluntary, you have a digestive problem which I hope have you overcome it. It's hard to explain how it feels good because I do it to release tension as well and it's hard to put it in words I really can't explain it. I really wish you get better. Thnx for commenting

I wish I could get better too, but it was never diagnosed until recently, and it has been happening since I was in my twenties. Even when I take my enzyme pills, they only work sometimes. And by now, it is far too late to save my teeth.

It's fine, stay strong.. it could be something worse than ur teeth

Yup, one day, it could be cancer of the esophagus or the throat or the roof of my mouth. Ugh.

oh my that's horrible x____x try not to think of cancer and those stuff. it might not happen !!! don't be negative

You're right, it might not happen to me, but it is what could happen to anyone who vomits a lot. It is a genuine danger of frequent vomiting. Stomach acids are highly corrosive.

My dad had the same digestive problem as I have and he died of esophageal cancer at the age of 57.

I am sorry for ur lost. And ur not ur dad so him dying at this age, doesn't mean u would die as well, things get different over time, the improvements in the medical field and etc

Yes, I know, and I have already outlived him by 11 years. I am 68, so I have been lucky.

that's great :)

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