Bulimia Is My Addiction

Since I was a child I have always been teased about my weight. I've never been overweight but I am a bit thicker than most of the thin girls around me. I have actually been an athlete for years. Last year I tried a binge for the first time and it became something like an addiction. I started to purge all the "bad" food I consumed and I became very happy with the results I saw. Once I had lost 15 pounds by purging and exercising excessively I attempted to stop. A couple months passed and when I gained all the weight I had lost I began the process again. Now I am terrified, I know I have a problem, my hair is falling out and I have sharp chest pains, in addition I constantly feel exhausted. I want to stop, but bulimia has consumed by common sense. I feel that purging is the only thing that makes it "okay" to eat. I want to be healthy and still feel okay with my body, any one with me?
hopefulfreedom hopefulfreedom
1 Response May 20, 2012

I know how you feel, when you are not naturally thin you know that any junk food will put on weight. Maybe try going to an eating disorder counselor. I am here anytime you want to talk.