Just As I Decided To Recover..

As I said in my last story, I had made the decision to go it alone and finally stop bulimia ruling my life. My friend even emailed a help line for me. But merely two hours later my boyfriend, who I've been having troubles with lately, told me he needs time to think because he feels 'weird' about us even though I have done everything right, he loves me, and he doesn't want to lose me. Not only does the fact that I've done all I can and I'm still not enough make me feel completely worthless, but the thought of losing him only brings back bulimic urges. I know that the second I lose him I will relapse and it will be worse than any previous relapses as I had never had genuine feelings or such intense relationships before him. Maybe I'm not ready to recover like I thought?
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Thank you for the advice, and I know how you feel with your boyfriend. Before my current boyfriend, I've never really said I love you to someone and meant it. Anytime is a good time to recover. I don't have any advice, I'm sorry I don't. All I can say is you have all my hope and prayers. I know you can do it.