Getting Scared !

so a few days ago i threw up and a little bit of blood came up with it i didnt no what to do so i ignored felt to ashamed to tell anyone then i did it again last night before i went to work and blood came out again it really freaked me out i tried not to do it today but i eventually gave in but today i actually passed out from it im so scared i dont know what to do i feel if i tell my mum or friends they will look down on me and want to know why im still doing something that harms my body so much i really need people to talk to who understand what it is like i know i need to stop and i have tried but i always seem to go back down that path
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2012

I was the same but my biggest regret was not seeking help from family. I could have got better if I had got in earlier. I'm so sick and I hate it. Don't keep your problem from the people who love you, because you need that support network xx

I am bullimic now and havent had an inciddent with alot of blood just a tiny bit and i just push through it i hate the fact that i force myself to purge so much that it comes to blood but i would just try to tell you not to purge the day after you see it just so your stomach gets some rest i went the next day only eating a can of soup and i felt able not to eat than of course i did it the next day just try and not purge for one day

It might be something like gastritis, which is when your stomach lining corodes away from the repeated vomitting. If you take antacids it might help.<br />
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If you need to talk I'm here. I'm not currently bulimic, but I overcame it and would definitely try to give you advice, or help you