I've been on-and-off since I was sixteen, and after some behavioral meds made me gain weight, I went out of control.

But I've been puke free for two days, and already am feeling better about myself. For the first time in months, I thought "I'm awesome" and started thinking positively about dating. It's a baby step, but I still feel like it's worth sharing. There isn't enough good new in our world, so why not.

Anyone else have small successes? Recovery stories and advice would be appreciated
DirtyCorgi DirtyCorgi
3 Responses Aug 18, 2012

Judging from your post date, it's been almost a month for you. I'm at 3 weeks, I just wonder what everyone's weight gain is like in recovery. That's been the hardest part for me.

That is awesome!! I went a month without throwing up, but i failed last night:( i felt so disgusting and so upset with myself. I talked to my husband and he made me feel better, he told me I have been doing great and I will have road bumps. He told me to not give up to keep going, and I must admitt that helped me a whole lot!! I think you are doing awesome, keep it up! if you ever need to chat i am here for you, I think talking helps a whole lot. I wish you the best!!

That's is so awesome! Good for you!