I Need Recovery Help

I have been suffering from bulimia for the past 6 years. Other than the 9 months I was pregnant with my daughter and the 4 months I breastfed.
I just decided a few weeks ago to STOP for good.
I am about 3 weeks into the recover process with slip ups here and there.
Of course, my biggest concern right now is the fact that NONE of my pants fit. Which, is VERY discouraging to someone who has been bulimic for so long. It makes you just want to go right back to it. I have gained 10 lbs so far. Probably even more by now, but my husband hid the scale last week..
My question is, how long does this weight gain/bloating last before your weight starts to stabilize? I read that a lot of it is water weight, but when can I expect that to subside. I have been trying to stick to only healthy foods and have given up soda and fried foods (which are my main triggers). Does anyone know how long I can expect until I lose this weight I've gained since I stopped b/p?

Thank you.
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Thank you so much for your response. At least now I have some sort of gauge to use. I didn't know if I should be expecting 4 weeks or 2 years. I can handle 9 months. Especially since winter is right around the corner...<br />
Are you in recovery?

well its different for every person. on average about 9 months to be back to normal. i am proud that you took the initiative to change your habits :) i know it must have been hard