Anyone Else Feeling So Cold All The Time?

I can't seem to ever get warm anymore. I'm assuming this is related to my bulimia somehow. I am within the proper weight range for my height so it isn't caused by a lack of body fat. Unfortunantly, I work in the frozen food section at a grocery store so I am quite uncomfortable all the time. My husband keeps telling me somethings wrong with me (he doesn't know about my ED), but I always thought he was just keeping the house too cold and since he is a big man that I was the normal one.
After exercising today my temperature was 98.1 and now that I have rested for a while it seems stable at 97.8. Its about time for a hot shower.
DecayedAngel DecayedAngel
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

yeah I am anorexia bulimia together lol and I get cold all the time and I am not under weight either I think it does have to do with not enough food especially if you try to purge all the food it happens I wear jackets in the summer lol