Bulimic Single Mom Looking For A Friend

I have been bulimic since I was 14. I am now 27, I've tried to stop and change habits, but I realize it's an addition I haven't been able to break. I've been raising my two Childern on my own for over 3 years. Not one person in my life knows that Im bulimic. I've been to doc in the past but I felt all they did was try and cure me with anti depressants. I have been able to accomplish so many things in life already. I feel bulimia is the one thing holding me back from a normal healty life. I am looking for someone to talk and connect with. Someone who understands what I feel and what I'm going through. I need to become healthy for my kids and most importantly for myself.
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I know it is hard to overcome urges. I'm not bulimic, just 50-60 lbs overweight. Good luck.

I don't know what to tell you besides get a great therapist or a group but I guess that would be hard being a single mom and trying to find someone to keep your kids . Do they know

Nope, no one in my life does. I figure there's enough information out and I have enough will power and dedication to over come it. It's more of a habit these days. Sometimes it's emotional eating but most of the time it's me just wantin to eat whatever's there with no limit. reading other people's stories have been encouraging. Also starting a journal and writing every mornig my goals. And every evening how I feel and what I can do better i feel will also help. Until I break the habits nothing will change. i take one day at a time. Im really good with holding in how I feel and emotions. People who never thjnk of me as having this issue. I have come through so much and have complicated many things. That's why I know I can do it.

im scared i will always struggle. my therapist told me that when children were starved its hard to break them even as adults of the food need. i used to hide food and now i hide that ive eaten so much from my husband.weve been together since we were sixteen. he knows that i had bulimia before i got pregnant 3 years ago and he told me to tell him if i ever start again. im so ashamed ive been hiding it from him for three years. my therapist said i need to tell him but im a sissy.i dont want him to think im nasty cause i cant control my addiction. do you still keep in touch with your siblings that are alive.the best thing for me is not to but i cant help it. i think thats part of what keeps me sick i cant let go. we shared so much together and i just feel so bad for them cause they were not saved to

I talk to my only biological sister, she was adopted away before I was born. We try not talking a lot about our child hood, but try and make new better memories. it's been nice to connect with her. It's only been 3 years I've been in contact with her. But te fact we understand what we went trough, we don't need to discuss it, just be there for each other. We were to young to control or have an opion in anything in our life. she doesnt know I'm bulimic, my ex was the only one who knew. But he never cared. Never tried to help me, but there a reason it didn't work out after 5 years. Talking to your husband is probably a good idea. It will show you if he really supports you and loves you. Sometimes we create situations in our heads but we don't realize it's by reality, he might be the one who saves you. Really think about it.