Broken Little Girls Story

When I was 6 I was taken from my family. Word got out what our mother was doing to us and letting others do. I have sooo much shame and guilt my 3 brothers wernt saved. Because they never got help one killed himself because of all our secrets. The other brother murdered my daddy on my birthday. The other one turns to meth.I am 27 now and am starting to heal. I've been throwing up for 11 years on and off. I'm hoping since I've started therapy I will stop binging and throwing up . anyone else pushing their pain down with food
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

I completely understand. I myself delt with childhood abuse. In and out of the foster system. I have a brother and sister that both committed suicide 7 years apart. Both my other two siblings are meth addicted. food was the only thing I felt I could control at times. It's been 4 years since my sister passed, I try not to think about it cause it hurts. But I know they would want better for my life.