Tired Of Being Fat

My story is short and sweet i am sick and tired of being me, just the big fat me. I am at my biggest even during my kids i was never this big. It has always been in back of my mind to start throwing up but never did, not until recently. this is all i have left to get myself back.. I am grown and still acting like a child worried about my weight. But dam i was the girl that always looked good for my age and now i can't even look at myself. I only want to volmit when i eat bad things and only for a short time.....
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Be careful. It may not seem like its such a big deal when you first start doing it, but before you know whats happened it will have taken over your life. Lately I just wish I could stop, even if i got fat, at least I would have time for other things in my life and not worry about my teeth rotting or having heart failure.