My Name Is Sarah

i am a 17 year old girl with Bulimia it all started when i was 14 i was being teased at school and being called fat and ugly and stupid and discussting and told that i needed to loose weight and then i went online one day after school my dad was drunk and passed out so he never really noticed what i was doing i found out about bulimia and that it would be worth a shot after a few times of doing it i started to tin out and people stoped making fun of me but then it started taking over my life when i turned 15 i only weighted 102 pounds and my family started to noticed and started asking me to eat eat eat eat and i did of course but then i would go and lock myself in the bathroom for about a half an hour and throw it all up i was scared to stop and scared to do it at the same time but my body said sarah you must you must or you will get fat so i always did i couldnt look in the mirror ever and still cant on my 16th birthday my dad started to realizing all the grocies were going and that i was eating so much but never getting any bigger only smaller and then he cough me in the bathroom throwing up and burging he cried and brought me to the hospital and they tried to fix me but it didnt work nothing worked and now i am 17 years old i am still bulimic and i weight 94 pounds i am still not happy with my body and im still scared of myself very much i wish things were differnt and i wish those bullied never would of started beacuse now this is me its horable and discussting but i dont think i can ever stop i think this is going to be the reason for me dying.
sarahmuffin32 sarahmuffin32
Nov 30, 2012