Reinforcing 'health'....discouraging Death

Yes, this is a gr8 place 4 me to get reinforcement...just googled and got here. I, not understanding what and why at a young age, about 11, I would 'hide' little pies, and have to hide the little foil tins, and wow.....would go to the penny store, with hiding the candy in my soxs, and pockets, hoping no one would notice. My nick name was 'string bean'. I had no idea, just the compulsion to purge.....thinking I was in control. As I grew older, I had the reverse 'power', by NOT eating. Infact, I had one daughter, that admitted several years ago...THATS why she would not want her crust....cuz I would 'cut if off' and eat it in front of HER.....WOW, she noticed at 8!!!....gesh....I even had a son who purged, he was in football, and NOT knowing...I"D actualy, 'enable' him.....I'd put the 'heat' on in the car, in SUMMER, and he'd wear a big coat, and WOW...had NO IDEA, my 'buff son'....was 'under the influence' of POWER disguised by purging!...Must 'run in families' least of my siblings, actually had 'bags of puke' hidden in closets.....'whats that smell?"
Well, glad I DUMPED here and didn't purge....gesh, told you this 'secret', and have been, purge free, 'got the finger' down the throat, but THIS site, intrupted the completion urge.
I quite smoking cigerettes, and was up to 186, and thought 'liquid' lunches/meals booze' would be I did manage to get down to 169 3/4 (over 2 years)...
3 D's DON"T DO SOMETHING ELSE Drink Water......
so on my way to recovery and help with you all....thanks for letting me share.
teachablenow teachablenow
Dec 2, 2012