I feel you inside me. I have become your puppet. I see you there in the mirror staring back. Your words and nasty and unkind. You make me rip out my soul so no one sees hidden in the dark. I feel it chest, this feeling that wont rest. My person my being is always such a mess. My life ripped out my mouth. This secret that I have hidden behind this door. Please knock before you enter or you see me lying on the floor. Darkness sweeps my eyes and nothing is left inside me. I see you looking at me in the mirror and you have nothing nice to say. I walk around here with a smile hidden the monster inside. The one that’s always screaming in mind, no can hear you. You’ve become the only voice hear. You are my torture and my pride. You are space between life and death. You are world my pain, and my despair. Why are you hidden so deep the scares on my hand are nothing compared to the once underneath. My life is taken my life is not my own, you have become my only friend, oh monster beneath my skin. So please knock before you enter, his voice is very loud. I don’t want you to see the monster I hide from you. I see him in the mirror and he has nothing nice to say. So knock before you enter, my chamber is where he stays. I want your help but I dare not say his name, for it brings me shame and such pain. He has a gripe on my heart, I feel him there everyday. His name is bulimia and he is here to take my life away.
noend777 noend777
22-25, M
Dec 3, 2012