I'm Trying

I have been trying to be honest about the fact that I have bulimia, it's not easy and only one friend of mine knows about it, and she doesn't know directly she suspects, she asked me about it a couple of times, I said I don't feel good and that I'm sick, and I haven't confronted anyone in my life about it, because I do live in a society that will judge me for it, I am sure...
I know I'm strong enough to stop, I just need to get a handle on my life and fix what ever is wrong or what ever that is making me this way, If it's the weight I will lose it, and if it's the people around me I will cut them out of my life, I don't have the option to speak to someone about it it might be hard to explain, but sharing this with you guys is the closest thing I have to being able to talk to someone about it.
I guess I am trying to become this other happier person, I am trying that's something right?
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

It's really good you are confident enough to know you can stop yourself, because you can! Please know you can't fix everything in your life, you don't always have to look at the bright side of life, sad moments can't be denied, and it's good to talk about things that bother you, but it's really good you are trying to be positive. Keep it up!

yeah I agree being positive is the only thing that might help me move forward right now, because I'm sure I don't want to stay in the place I am now, if I do I wont be able to recover from this for sure

Well, you know what you're trying for, go for it!