Bulimic And Alcoholic?

I'm now a 28 year old failure and a miserable bugger. i've been bulimic since the age of 14 and had alcohol problems since the age of 17, great stuff eh! obviously tried all the counselling bollox, tablets, hypnotherapy etc etc but nothing seems to work. the only way i can stop myself from binge eating, vomitting and caining loads of laxatives is to get pissed. and the only way i can stop myself from binge drinking and cowardly drowning my sorrows is to binge eat...the cycle goes on-it's either one or the other. i just don't know what to do anymore. A massive incentive to try and stop with the vomitting is my HUGE hamster cheeks...my glands are so swollen from all the puking :-( i just don't even recognise my face anymore...but it's like catch 22...i can stop being sick to try and let my face become less swollen, but i know i can't control my eating so i'd basically be binge eating without the vomitting....so my body would get really fat and my face go down or vice versa? would love to hear from anybody with similar feelings? or even not...i think everybodies bulimia is different. jenna x <3
jennalola jennalola
26-30, F
Dec 5, 2012