Bulimia... The Other Side Of The Story

I would like for all the people who got Bulimia to read this... this isn't about you only, but about the people you hurt too.
my sister used to have Bulimia and it's because she had always been a shubby girl since she was 10 y.o!
I want you guys to know that while she was suffering, all my family did suffer too.
I cried while I listened to her throwing up on the bathroom, I kept knocking the door over and over again begging her to stop but she ignored me and kept on harming herself.
my mother went into depression blaming herself because she thought she wasn't a good mother enough and, until now, she's still scared that one day, I too will follow my sister's steps which won't happen.
my dad got distant from us because he also blamed himself and he felt so ashamed of himself.
my little sister is getting curious about Bulimia and I'm sooooo scared she would consider starting it.

so to all girl/boy who thinks that Bulimia or Anorexia is the solution for your problem, well good news for you, it's not!
I hope you do think of those who cares about you before trying anything that would just distroy you and them

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hi pxloww i really feel for you having to deal with your sisters problem and its ovious that your angry but i dieagree with your opinion. Despte feeling angry which i can see from your story its not right to blame your sister...its not her choice its a compulsion which can consume you... blamming her will only issolate her and make her worse. im not saying your the bad guy either but just find out a little more about what bulimia is and how damaging it is (believe me i know) you might be able to help her more and also have a better understanding of how to help her.
ill share with you a personal story my dad confronted me, told me i was stupid, said it was easy...i went on that night to purge so much that i passed out. the moral is many people do it because they feel guilty making some one feel more guilty will make them feel worse...and the vicious circle continues...just think about how she feels as well as you. i hope this can help you and through this help your sister

I know that she's going through hard time and I feel so bad for her, but vomiting is not the solution. I'm scared she would get a cancer.
I just want her to see that there are people who does care about her and are ready to do anything for her... so if she try stoping, just to do it for the people who love her, I don't know, we'll work on it together.
I hope you too would try to stop too. I know saying it is easy but try to think of the people who does care about you and can't stand watching you vomiting... I hope you too will get over those hard times and you'll get you healthy self back soon

its great that you can understand both sides of the coin which is very important and its amazing to see that you are there to support her and that she has someone there. even if she doesnt see it please still be there many bulimic people me included just neeed a constant in their life and for that to be familiy is even more important, just being there and being willing to talk if she wants to is the best thing you can do. not always trying on their behalf is neccessary. im sorry to say but with bulimia you have to be willing to stop in order to. it has taken me 4 years but i am in the process of seeking help from a specialist unit. but you have to know that it is possible to stop i there are so many stories on this site to prove that. somtimes it can take a long time and a lot of heart ache but change is possible. thankyou for your support for my cause and good luck to your sister and more to you for you, i hope that you being there for her can help her and that you can help her to change so that she gets well soon.

Eating disorders aren't a choice, they're an addiction. So before you go off saying how we need to think about other people, educate yourself. No one chooses to have an eating disorder just to hurt their friends and family.