I Need Help

I am 13 years old. I realize that's young, but where I come from we have to grow up and be mature fast. I am going into 9th grade and my eating disorder really started in 7th grade. I went from middle school to jr high and became very insecure. I've been trying to diet for a long time but its never worked the way I wanted. When I started at my new school I tried to stop eating. For whatever reason not eating never got easy for me. But one day I just decided to throw up and that got easy. At the beginning of 8th grade a lot of stress and insecurities were put on me. I still try not to eat, and although I'm not over eating I still throw up as much as I can. It's not that I want to now, but it's gotten so bad that I can't stop and it's hard for me to go to school because all I do is compare myself to other people. recently, I tried cutting just to see what it would feel like. It was surprising because it was like I was releiving stress, but i know all I'm doing is taking things out on my body. I always swore I would never do these things but now that I've started I understand why people have always said you can never understand cutting until you've cut or an eating disorder until you've had one. A few close friends know, and I recognize that I need help. I just don't know how to tell my parents. To anyone else going through this: stay strong beautiful. I know we can beat this (: please no harsh comments, it would be hard for me to handle.
Staystronggorgeous Staystronggorgeous
Dec 9, 2012