I Did It.

I finally made myself throw up. I don't know why but before I could have my finger in my mouth forever and nothing would happen but today I did it. I got rid of the food in my stomach! I feel so fulfilled yet disgustingly dissapointed in myself at the same time...
trueloveisforever trueloveisforever
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

I'm so very sorry that you've figured it out. As someone who's trying to figure her eating disorder out after 7 years of health problems, mental problems, and social problems due to my issues... I know that a simple "you shouldn't do that" won't suffice. I've been there. I hope that you can reach out to someone that you respect. Someone whose advice you listen to. You deserve a healthy way of life. Bulimia isn't a game. You have a wonderful future ahead of you. Do not be ashamed of yourself. Get help for the thoughts. I feel old when I read through what I've said. But seriously! Learn a new language, skill, hobby. Work on who you are on the inside. Good luck, and message me anytime if you need someone to talk to!