I Want To Recover

I am living with my dad because my mum and dad divorced. I have always been close to my dad, but he has always pointed out how I was chubby I was as a child. I have recently put on weight and he has told me to lose some weight.I feel extremely pressured, with the fact that he is my only parent etc. I know he doesn't really mean it in a cruel way but I feel he does understand my psychological thinking that is different from his. For him, if he puts on weight, he just thinks i need to lose weight and does it. The pressure is getting to me and I feel that that he doesn't love me the way I am. This has caused me to want to spend less and less time with him- even though I used to love spending time with him. I know he wants me to lose weight because of health reasons but I think he thinks my inability to lose weight/maintain a stable weight is because of laziness and lack of self control. I need some a buddy to talk to please let me know if you need a buddy too

sandybayxxx sandybayxxx
Dec 16, 2012