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It's about 8:30 am and my friends are all sleeping. Last night we had a big Christmas party with a lot of the girls from my cheer leading squad. It was basically a cookie exchange ... My weakness. There was pizza pop and cookies galore. We all just came back from our game so it would be crazy to say I didn't want anything and there were NO healthy alternatives. So I ate. And ate and ate, just like everyone else at the party. But here I am laying on the couch feeling the most food guilt I have in a long time. I know that throwing up heavy food is hard and especially hard when it's the night after. I don't know what to do! I feel like something needs to be done and a gym session is NOT going to do the trick. I have looked up syrup of ipecac and it would seem to solve my problem (I'd only use it once!!) but I can't find it anywhere. What do you guys think? Please comment
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If I was you I wouldnt take myself so serious, I would live my life! your young and its quite obvious that your not fat. just keep your mind positive stay in shape and stay away from binging and puking it destroys you and you dont have to fit anybodys critieria to be deemed beautiful just be you and if others cant accept that then the heck with them!

You should be making me feel very, very guilty!

I have just enjoyed two chocolate biscuits as the start of my Christmas celebrations.

They are certainly a direct health risk in my present situation. I don't feel guilty as you seem to be. I know I can enjoy being deviant for a short while as long as I remain aware of my longer term targets and objectives.

Maybe the health risk in your case is not the deviant behaviour but your over reaction and feelings of excess guilt?

Apologies I was following your input into another discussion group and did not realise I had arrived at one discussing bulimia rather than just a binge eating session. Guess from my limited knowledge that excessive guilt about one off over eating situations or body image could eventually lead to problems such as bulimia. Take care all you bulimia sufferers and all the very best to you for Christmas and the New Year xxx

It's a special day. and I belive there will be no hurm of having big meals once at a while. enjoy it.

1 day isn't going to hurt, you are beautiful for who you are. Don't hurt yourself

WOW you are very harsh on yourself. You can walk through this and learn from it. The occasional binge is not cause for such drastic action. By now those calories are well in to your system. Making yourself sick enough to vomit will only make you vomit and truly feel ill. Forgive yourself, be gentile with you and you will be in a better position to combat this shame and guilt from this binge. Feeling guilty, and holding on to shame often are the hall marks if not the seeds from which a cycle of a true eating dis order springs up. The cycle of Binge-guilt-purge-binge is well known and truly dangerous. As others have said, you are young, active and can get past this without putting yourself in danger.

your young, healthy, active; cont working out and lving a healthy and FUN life...if you begin to loose weight the wrong will cost you. Not only now as a young person...but as you get older..the ramifications are bigger....Im sure you look great...dont get hung up on looks and your an athlete myself..who keeps myself in could only do so much to your body efore your body begins to fight you back..see my pics if you like..i hope this has helped you....besides your body does require some body fat...its part of our system.

Thanks everyone I appreciate the response

Don't do it. It's ok to eat junk every now and then. Go to the gym today. Drink lots of water to get the food moving through your system. DON'T beat yourself up over this. In the grand scheme of life, is this the worst thing? No. And next time, plan ahead and take something healthy, like a veggie tray with yogurt dip or tahini. love, Sunny

Great advice, thank you