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Hi my name is Georgie and I'm 15 years old I have been bulimic since I was 12 years old...the reason is my family wants me to be perfect I have 4 brothers and sisters and they are all realllly skinny im not I'm 5"3 and weigh like 115 I just threw up 10 mins ago and I was frantically freaking out because I ate 20 baby carrots I have a problem and I know. Bullemia made me withdraw from my fav school where I was happy away from my evil guardian and know I live with them they know my issue. They don't care she is trying to make me go to weight watchers as "therapy" as if... That will only increase my intensity of bulimia so I lose weight for the weigh in's....someone who care late please do this is my first time posting any of my feeling online :/ it is hard for me...
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This story is so sad... you are only 15 and you've already been suffering for 3 years!! I can totally understand what you're going through. It's really hard to get out of the bulimia cycle! I'm almost 21 yrs old and have been fighting bulimia since the age of 15. The only time I got to escape from it was when I started uni 3 years ago and moved out of my parents house. I'm not saying I never had relapses, but since I made a promise to myself in October, the episodes have greatly decreased and now have become nonexistent. As a recovering bulimic, I can say that it's extremely easy to fall back into old habits! I think the trick is to stop yourself from binging in the first place. I've written this article on how I battled bulimia and how I broke free from it. If you've got time you're more than welcome to read it ( ). What I can suggest is keep yourself busy! Any time you feel weak just log onto the experience project! This is what this website is for and why we are all here!!

Hey I'm so sorry your guardian wants you to go to weight watchers as a form of "therapy" that's what my mom tried to do too. She wants me to stop being bulimic, but she also clearly wants me to lose weight as well. I also grew up with siblings who were all thinner than me, and my parents made fun of me for my weight; and that triggers my bulimia to this day. Though our stories aren't exactly the same, they're similar and I understand a lot of what you're going through.

Thanks for answering me and yeah I feel you :)