I don't want to seek help. I'm afraid that they will tell my parents and I'm afraid that they will dismiss me as nothing serious because I don't fit into their definitions of each eating disorder. And I don't want someone to tell me it will be okay when they've never been through it. I am literally alone and can't talk to anyone about it. I think if i told people they wouldnt care they would just be happy im losing weight. And that is the saddest part of all.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Please seek help...I've been bulimic since i was about 13, im now 16 and and went to my first went therapy appointment last month :). I undestand what youre going thorugh, really, i do, i didt want my parents to know, i didnt want my friends to know and i certnainly didnt want a stranger knowing-i still dont want anyone knowing...why? because i am/was too worrried they will dismiss it an nothing... And i was also scares i didnt 'fit' into their whole defenition of bulimia... i still dont really think i do, but i need to try cause this sint workinng for me, it gives me a 'high' and then im back me, to nothing. But...i read these stories of women that have been bulimics or 'bulimics' for decades and decades...and i dont want to turn out like that, i dont want the years to pass me by like that, not in that way. So, please, get help or who knws where you'll be years from now?...still a slave to bulimia?