Technically I Had Bulimia Nervosa

Yes, I HAD...for 33 years. My sister has anorexia nervosa. For 20 years.There's no cure for anorexia nervosa, but there's a possible cure for bulimia. Possible...I didn't want to end bulimia because I couldn't deal with the calories I ingested. But 33 years is a long time and I finally agreed to taking topomax. The first round worked for a couple of weeks. The secomd round for another couple of weeks. The third time it worked for good. Over the years I found out that bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are often a by-product of bipolar disorder. Bulimia for bipolar type II. Anorexia for bipolar type I. They can also be related to adult adhd. Those mental issues can't be treated...I was under psychiatric care for most of my life, took every medication made with no results. Bulimia nervosa CAN be treated.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

ive had bulimia foe 23 yrs and am now looking at these areas of help, oh how I want to stop this hell life and be normal :/