Alway's There For Me

I'm depressed, there's no doubt. My counselor thinks I might have manic-depressive disorder (bipolar). When I'm depressed, a lot of times I'm left alone.
I've told my mom about being depressed, and at times she leaves me alone with it. Me being depressed is apparently to stressful on her, to me that seems kinda selfish.When I was depressed and sobbing telling her "my life sucks", she just replied with "Well my life doesn't suck!".
Family counseling is supposed to help with bulimia, but if you think my dad gives a **** enough to come you're kidding yourself. In fact I've asked him to come, and he just told me my issues in my family were my own fault. Yet he is upset I'm bulimic.
My brother knows I'm bulimic, but ever since he was the cool kid in high school and I wasn't he barely talks to me. Largely since I was fat and that embarassed him (he told my mom this directly). He doesn't dislike me, he just is apathetic to me. That's almost worse, because it means he doesn't care.
Though despite these people aren't there for me, bulimia will always be there for me. It's my friend and family all in one, and as dysfunctional as that is it's all I have.
amy7777777 amy7777777
22-25, F
Jan 19, 2013