Im Scared

Hi im 22 ive always been a chubby girl and i never got bullied or anything but i would always look at other girls and think how lucky they were for being so skinny and how would it feel to be like dat i started the gym months ago and i well i was eating healthy and loosing weight and everyone would just say how nice i look but ive been stressing out about family problems work money i didnt have time to go to the gym and i was so worried i would put weight on for the past few months ive been eating until im full and after feel so guilty i have to make myself sick i just hate my body and myself i think am ugly and fat and i cant take it anymore am so scared of telling someone because i think they would be so dissapointed in me but i need help because this getting out of control during the day i try to eat as little as possible and when am at home i would eat so much and after make myself sick is there anyone that can help me please
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Jan 22, 2013