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Hi. I´m 25 years old and I´ve been on/off bulimic for years, probably started in highschool. In university it wasn´t too bad, but after I graduated it got ¨worse.¨ I never thought it was a big problem. I´ve never been too overweight nor too ¨skinny¨. Now most people would define me as a normal, if not ¨small¨ size, but I have come to the realization that especially within the last couple years, I have become completely and out of control obsessed with my weight. I am constantly on diets and when I get overly stressed about something, I tend to go off the wall and binge, only to purge later. I see that mentally, food consumes my entire life, my weight consumes my entire life, and its difficult to fully enjoy every day because I spend SO much of my time thinking about what I will make, what I won´t let myself eat, and if I ¨cheat¨, how guilty I feel, what else I will eat, and purging. I want to stop this cycle, not necessarily because it does/doesn´t work for maintaining weight...but for the psychological toll it takes on me and my ability to enjoy life on a day to day basis, from work to time with friends to enjoying meals out. Anybody else feel this way?
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Jan 23, 2013